Monday, March 22, 2010

My Quilting Journal

For as long as I can remember I've liked to write.  In middle school I began writing poetry then in high school, college, and beyond I did a lot of journaling.  It feels good to be able to express my thoughts, feelings and ideas on paper.  I have two "Mommy Journals" for my two boys.  They are like "letters to my child" to give to them when they are grown.  I started both journals before they were born, writing to them about the anticipation of the first day I would met each of them.  (This takes the place of a baby book).  Because of my love of writing I knew I would be able to convey to them more feelings and emotions than I would in a baby book.

Anyway, back to journaling.  A few years ago I walked into a fabric store and saw a book called "My Quilting Journal" so it was only natural that I buy it.  But as I leafed through it I noticed that there was not enough space for me.  When I write I can fill up pages!  (I'm not one of those 2-sentence kind of people).  But with my creative juices flowing I thought... How easy would it be to find a journal with blank pages and then label them myself?  So that's what  did.
(I just LOVE label makers!)
Some of the sections I created were taken from the original book such as the finished dimension of the quilt.  But then I added extra categories such as swatches of the fabric and where I bought them from, photos and any other comments about the quilt.

I LOVE old quilts and I think each and every one has a story behind it.  So hopefully one day when someone stumbles upon my quilts they will have a story to go with it (provided they can find this journal too!)

Happy quilting and happy journaling everyone!
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