Sunday, March 24, 2013

My art room

This is a corner of our spare bedroom that I have set up as my work space where everything is at my fingertips, almost.  The open door leads to a finished off attic where I am able to store my larger art supplies like fabric, paints, beads and buttons.  Now you may laugh when I call my beads and buttons my "larger" items but I have at least 15 plastic bins for each (beads and buttons) organized by color so they actually take up a lot of shelving space.  I absolutely love buttons, mainly vintage and most definitely fabric covered.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sneek Peek of my "whimsical" dragon

When I decided to do another "art doll" I started to look around my house for inspiration.  My boys were watching Mike the Knight cartoon and I thought, I'd love to do a dragon and then maybe have a little girl sitting or riding on it like they were friends.  So I started sketching (something I rarely do).

In my stash I had the perfect orange and gold fabric for the dragon and then I found a dark red print for the girls dress.  He is completely stuffed and the girl has a soft body with a polymer clay face and hands (then I painted the face).  I created both patterns.

While I haven't finished the dragon yet (he still needs hands and horns) I really wanted to show you all some pictures of his progress.  There will also be a gold cord around him somehow that the little girl will be holding onto.

In the next pictures I take I'll get a shot of her hair because it's rather long and she has a jewel in her hair that matches the one on the front of her dress.  Plus a picture of her hands because she has some wicked long red nails.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Fabric Bowls!

I have been working hard on my art dolls but I've also come up with some new fabric bowls as well. I got tired of just using 100% cotton so when I went to the thrift store I looked in the linen section to see if I could find more "texturized" fabric. I came across what I think used to be curtains; I would not have hung this color in my house but doesn't it made the cutest looking shabby chic basket.  (The top three rows are 100% cotton)

Then I had another idea, upholstery!  This bowl could be named "The Sound of Music" because it reminds me of the drapes that Maria used to make the children's play clothes out of.

And this last one is really not new but has embellishments added to it.  I plan on doing this a lot more with my fabric bowls, adding found objects, beads, wood, seashells, anything I can get my hands on to create one-of-a-kind fabric bowls.
With most of my art I have to let it sit for a while to decide if it's finished or it needs anything else.  With the above wood and fabric bowl I will be adding some kind of handle, maybe even more greenery, I'm still in my thinking stage with this one.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Hoffman Challenge

Last weekend my mom and I attended The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival in Hampton, VA.  My mom and I go every year and I love the new and innovative ideas I walk away with.  Not only is there a quilt show but also vendors, lots of vendors, selling everything from fabric turners to dyed silk pods. 

Also there is The Hoffman Challenge.  Every year I am intrigued by this competition.  There are six categories: Pieced Quilts, Appliqued Quilts, Mixed Technique (pieced and appliqued), Doll, Clothing, and Accessories.  There are many rules for this challenge but the main one is to use the Hoffman fabrics they have selected for this year.

I am most interested in the doll challenge. Here are a few pictures from this years competition:

And check out the detail of her toenails!
Here are a few more:

 I have dedicated a board on my Pinterest page to the past Hoffman Challenge entries here.
Every year I am inspired by something at the Quilt Festival and this year it was The Hoffman Dolls.  I love a good challenge don't you?  Four days ago I bought the fabric and have quite a few ideas I'm knocking around in my head.  Here are the four fabrics I bought:

The design that is prominent is the main fabric for the challenge.  The only one that is not listed for the challenge is the teal one but I wanted more blue in the palette.  One is allowed to use other fabrics but the top one has to be incorporated into your design.  My picture doesn't really do it justice because each one of them has this gold shimmer to it that I love.  I've also bought gold and teal ribbons and beads to embellish later.

I will try to post pictures as I go along but I am also working on two other dolls that I want to show you too so stay tuned!