Friday, October 25, 2013

Beachy Themed Magazine Holder

I love being in festivals, farmers markets, art shows, etc. because I meet amazing people both vendors and customers.  I love when customers have creative ideas of their own, whether it is "renaming" one of my art dolls or coming up with a new idea for a fabric bowl.  I met this lady at the Fall Festival that said her bathroom was "beach-themed" and it would be neat if I could make a magazine holder for her for that room.  All I need is a spark to my imagination and I can run with it!  This is the biggest bowl I've ever done and it took me a lot longer than I thought but here are the results:

This is a look at the back:
This is a custom order but if for some reason it isn't what she wanted it will be for sale in a few weeks.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Newport News Fall Festival of Folk Life

A BIG, HUGE thank you to everyone that came out to support me.  I ran into old friends and met new ones.  I forgot how much fun these shows are!  The comradary between the artists, the park rangers who took care of the ground bees (I only got stung once) and being able to wave to my parents who had a tent in the marketplace section (I was in the juried section) was a blast!

And some close ups of some of the new items I had for sale:

I got so many new ideas from customers last week that I've already bought fabric for 4 more bowls.  And please remember you can contact me directly ( for a custom order and I also sell my stuff at a shop in Yorktown called Auntie M's American Cottage