Monday, June 10, 2013

Auctions and Estate Sales

Last August my next door neighbor died.  He was a very nice elderly man who lived by himself.  I didn't get to know him too well because I only moved here two years ago but we spoke on occasion.  This past weekend his family had an estate sale at his house.  I had mixed feelings about going over there because I knew Mr. Marshall.  I have thought about him a lot since his passing because when I work at my art table my window faces his house.  But I decided to go.   Super nice family.  I talked with his niece for quite a while and I'm sorry I didn't get her name, her name tag read "Doll Lady".  As soon as I read that I knew we would connect.

I have been working on a mixed media art doll made out of nuts and bolts and screws with a clay head for a few weeks now.  But, as with all of my dolls, I get to a certain point and then I need to let them sit for a while.  At Mr. Marshall's estate sale I had a ball in his garage!  He was very organized and kept everything separated and labeled.  This is what I ended up getting:
I LOVE all of the different size springs!  I went to the hardware store two weeks ago looking for springs but couldn't find the size I needed and now JACKPOT!

Hopefully I'll be able to post pictures at the end of the week of Metal Girl.

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