Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Big huge announcement!

Wait for it...

I will now be selling my stuff on Etsy!  I have been working diligently to create my whimsical and fun shop called October Cat Studios.  I will be selling unique, one of a kind gift items for almost anyone. I will focus on my fabric bowls, art quilts (mini framed and larger wall hangings), art dolls, traditional quilts and one of a kind painted button pendants.

In addition to selling my art on Etsy I will also have a Facebook page called October Cat Studios.  Please be sure to follow/like/join, it is open to everyone!  On this page I will be posting a lot of my previous artistic endeavors as well as new ones.  I will be sharing links to other artists I like and you can also travel along with me when I go to quilt shows and the like.  

Thanks for your support and please tell all of your friends about October Cat Studios.

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