Friday, June 12, 2015

Networking and making connections

I'm not a very outgoing person, I keep to myself and I like it like that but when it comes to promoting my items I'm learning to engage with people more.  I need to break out of my shell and slowly but surely I'm learning how.

I always carry around my business cards in case anyone asks what kind of artwork I do.  It's hard to explain Art Dolls or Fabric Bowls so I just lead them here to see everything I do.  This past week I was at the vet and started talking to a lady who mentioned Instagram.  She said that she buys items off of Instagram!  I chimed in and said that I joined Instagram last week to get more exposure but I didn't know you could sell from Instagram!  (I'm on Instagram as KimberlyJDC) So I'm looking into this but that was one business card.  

The other card I gave out was to a lady that struck up a conversation with me while I was getting my car inspected.  I was drawing a Zentangle and she asked about it.  She was super nice and we talked about everything from Pinterest to thrift stores to tattoos.  I didn't get her name but if you are her reading this here is the finished Zentangle I was working on while we were talking:
So a big THANK YOU goes out to anyone reading this and likes and supports my work, you guys are the best!
Link to my Etsy shop: October Cat Studios
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