Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Since the weather is getting nice my boys are playing outside more and more and since they are still too little to leave alone I sit outside with them.  Well if you are a crafter you know there is no such thing as "just sitting".  I have to always be doing something with my hands, whether it's watching my boys outside or watching tv inside, it just drives me nuts to sit still.  So I think that's how I got back into zentangling.  It's extremely portable... just my drawing pad and a pen.  Here are my latest creations:

I started this one a long time ago but didn't finish because I started knitting again.  I had to finish it before I took the picture! It is untitled.
This one I did while I was outside watching the boys.  It's almost too ridged for me, I like them a little more free flowing but it was an experiment.
This one is called DANCING TREES:
My latest two that I haven't named yet:

I should by stock in Sharpie Markers!

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Terisa said...

I love your Zentangles. I bet it's relaxing. I like your blog...so much nicer than mine. How did you change the background on yours?