Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I love when I am inspired by another artist

And this happened right before we moved so I had to put my ideas on the back burner for a time.

I have been a member of Flickr for about four years now and I have been inspired by one of my contacts.  Her name is Kerrin and she lives in Australia.  She does the most beautiful things with felt, beads and sequins I've ever seen!  I have asked for her permission to post some of her artwork on my blog so you can get a true sense of what she does.  This one is called Strawberry Sundae Wall Art:

'Strawberry Sundae' wall art

Dream Fragments Close Up 4:

Dream Fragments Closeup 4

Terrain - Felt Textile Art:

'Terrain' - Felt Textile Art

I wish I could post a lot more photos but I just asked permission for these three.  On Flickr she calls herself A Little Bit of Just Because and if you click on her name it will take you directly to the rest of her beautiful work.

I know mine won't be half as good as hers but like my husband always says "Kim, if you have the desire to do something you won't let anything stand in your way" so here I go:

The first thing I did was to pick my colors (I choose 4) and decided which of the four I wanted as my background color.  Next I cut random designs from the other three colors and hand sewed them on.  Then I cut three different size circles from each color.  I didn't need a template I just used the lid from a spice jar.  If you look around your house you will be amazed at how many circular things you can find to trace... I'm thrifty like that.  

 I then started playing around with the colors and shapes of the circles and started laying them on my design.  I then hand stitched the smallest circle to the next size up and so on.  I then stitched the three piece circle to the background.

I haven't gotten to the really fun part of sewing the beads on it yet but I wanted to thank Kerrin for waking up another creative side in me that I didn't know I had.

This is a picture of how it looks today as I'm typing.  I've added a few more circles but it's still not ready for beads yet.  Please stay tuned because I'm in love with this project.

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