Thursday, August 18, 2011

My little slice of heaven

Otherwise known as:  My Art Room

We moved into this house about 2 months ago and I have finally gotten my art room/work space organized enough to want to take a picture of it. 

We live in a 2-story house and the second floor consists of two bedrooms.  One is the master bedroom and the other one is a spare bedroom.  But then off the spare bedroom there was this door.  And upon opening it I discovered heaven, well almost.  It was a finished attic with slanted ceilings and an unfinished hardwood floor.  This was to become my mine!

Right hand side

Left hand side

This picture was taken while standing at the circular window looking into the spare bedroom

The spare bedroom is actually where I keep my art table.  My husband and I like to call my attic my store, Kim's Arts and Crafts store.  Because if I ever need anything chances are you'll find it in my store.

I have my art table set up in a corner of the room with a white shelving unit to the right for items I may need to locate quickly when I'm working on a project. (I'll be reorganizing this when the boys go back to school in two weeks).

Welcome to my little slice of heaven.

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SeamedUP said...

I love that you have a 'store' - how appropriate for all of us who have to craft and have the stash to prove it:)

Your space is great - and I would have been 'dy-ing' over that piece of heaven!!!