Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can I have your shirt to make a pair of legs?

Since I am now a stay-at-home mom, and am not currently looking for work outside the home, I have to watch every penny I spend.  I have enough arts and crafts supplies to keep me happy for quite a while!  And since I am now into art dolls I have a renewed interest in my fabric stash.  I am looking at patterns and colors differently now.  Not through a quilter's eye but like "This would create a CUTE look for her legs!"

I have a very small fabric stash compared to some people but I have found lots of goodies in my bins.  I only have a small curio of fat quarters and halves (and there's still room to add more!):
And this is the rest of it:
My first doll was made out of a sequin dress I found at the thrift store for maybe $3.00.  My second doll, still a work in progress, is being made out of an old apron I found in my stash.  (more on that story in my next blogpost) and my third doll is being made out of one of my mother-in-law's arm rest covers.

For the third doll, I did have to go buy some black fabric for her skirt, and I was just going to buy that... but then I saw some Halloween fabric that I couldn't live without!  So I have a loose rule of thumb "Try to use fabric from my stash first" but I did walk out of JoAnn's only spending about $10.00.

1.  Mermaid finished
2.  Only head to go on my "apron-made" doll but I'm using a new technique for her head so this one is taking a little longer.
3.  "Arm rest cover" doll - only body and legs made, cutting fabric for skirt.
4.  Halloween fabric doll - still a thought in my head right now, too busy stuffing arms and legs for the other two.
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