Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Perks of being creative

I am an organizational freak.  The clothes in my closet are arranged by color, my linen closet has labels on the shelves and all of my thread hangs on the wall neatly organized.  

I have recently started hand sewing clothes for my art dolls which means one thing... I need to organize my needles!  Look at this, this makes me crazy, this is how I used to keep my needles, in a plastic Ziploc baggie.  (When I decided to take the picture I had already taken out all of the needles but you get the point)
One of the perks of being creative is that I can do something about my needle fiasco without spending a dime... make something a little bit more attractive and organized.

Let me backtrack just a bit.  A few weeks ago when I asked my mom if she had any Elinor Peace Bailey patterns or books (and of course she did!) she also had fabric.  Elinor Peace Bailey Fabric, who knew!  I wanted to save it for something special and unique because it's so cool looking, and you can't just use this fabric for anything because it is so eccentric.
I wanted to make a quilted needle holder so I picked out a solid color for the interior (so I could actually see my needles) and free-form quilted it.
Then I squared it up

And as I was sewing the binding on I decided to put a clear pocket on one side for other sewing essentials like a thimble and scissors.  The binding isn't perfect but it works.  Now my chaotic world is in harmony again because I can find the needle I need just at a glance.

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