Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Magical Chair

When I pick up a paint brush I tend to go for the bright colors in my "paint box".  I consider myself a quiet person but when it comes to design I'm bold and very colorful.  I've always wanted to paint a very whimsical chair with bright colors but never have because my utilitarian side of me kept saying "What would you do with it?", "It doesn't go with anything in your house!"  Now since I have studio space at Olde Towne Art I can create the most bold, bright and off the wall things and display them there. 

So my hunt for the perfect chair began!

I looked at new chairs, unfinished wood chairs and used chairs... then I found it... my magical chair!  It is a child size chair with arms and I fell in love with it.  I found it at a thrift store right up the road and when I got home I was so excited to start painting I forgot to take a "before" picture.  So imagine this chair without the white primer:
A few days later (after it was well primed) I started the "coloring":
Again I was so excited to paint this that I didn't take too many "before" pictures but here was the end result:
And a view from the back:
Close up detail:
My Magical Chair is now for sale at the art gallery (Olde Towne Art) in Portsmouth,  VA.


P.Webb said...

Love this chair!!! I was looking for tools to use to paint polka dots on a childs rocker and came across your blog on a Pinterest page. Thanks for sharing your blog!

Mary Lou Arnold said...

I would love to find your post describing your process painting this chair, it's gorgeous! Which month was it posted, I'll try to find it! Than you!

Anonymous said...

I had a chair similar to this once. My sister made it for me and I loved it so much. Sadly, it burned with the house... but seeing your chair made me smile. Thanks for the memory.

Onewitchywomn said...

Where did you get the designs on the chair. Did you use a pattern?

Onewitchywomn said...

Did you use a pattern on this?

Dixcie said...

Love this chair, what kind of paint did you use? Love the vibrant colors.

Kim Dillon-Cailles said...

Thank you all for inquiring about this chair. I used acrylics and then put a generous amount of polyeurothane coating on it. I didn't use any pattern. I start with the larger designs like paisleys and stripes, large dots or swirls. After those are dry I then "decorate" those larger designs with smaller dots or paint checkerboard a stripe. I always work from large to small.