Friday, May 11, 2012

Not a new endeavor but putting creative thoughts together

My cousin Susan has always been intrigued by the thought process of my ideas, which I've never paid attention to, but am now more keenly aware of.  So just for Susan I'm going to write down the steps that lead me to today's blog post.

1.  Quilt convention in February ---> bought wool felt pattern packet to make a candle mat

2.  Wool Felt ---> Craft Felt ---> searched for an old project I had started months ago

3.  Small project became large project with beads and sequins and embroidery
     (See previous post called Gypsy Love)

4.  What else could I do with felt? ---> Searched for more felt project books online

5. Found my next endeavor, making little people!

This may be my cheapest project yet! 
All I need are pipe cleaners (now called chenille stems) from my kids craft box. 
Little felt pieces -  .30 cents a sheet 
Embroidery floss - have tons of from my cross stitch days
Markers for the face - who doesn't have a marker laying around!
Wooden balls for the head - 3.00 for a huge bag
And the last thing I need is time - PRICELESS!

First you have to measure and bend the pipe cleaners according to what size doll you want.  Her patterns range from a 1 1/2" doll to 4".  I'm going to start with the 4" size because I plan to do a lot of decorating on their jackets and skirts.  A good hands-on activity to do at night while watching tv is wrapping the pipe cleaners.  These are my first five that I will be "dressing" in the next few days:
The only thing I don't like about the little figures in the book are the way the faces are drawn so mine will be be getting a face lift plus more sequins and no acorn hats.

Here are some pictures from the book:

I purposely cut off the head in this picture so you could see the detail of the clothes:

I'm not sure I'll make any fairies but with some pink tulle I may design a ballerina
My husband and boys are out of town today so I may actually find some time to sit down and dress my little people.  But we have a huge art festival coming into town tomorrow (right near my art gallery) so I'm trying to finish up six of my fabric bowls for my studio too.  Oh the life of an artist... I LOVE IT!

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