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I started this blog on November 23, 2009 just because I wanted to chronicle my artistic endeavors and see "in black and white" how many different directions my artistic brain would go.  I challenged myself to try different mediums and that this blog could be a platform to post my achievements and failures.  I cannot believe it's been six years now!  Over the past 6 years I've learned a few things from writing this blog:
1.  Art is in my blood, I will always be thinking or doing something artistic
2.  About 80% of my work turns out better than the original idea
3.  I am not a fast artist, I have to start on an idea and then let it sit for a while
4.  It's OK that my "artsy" brain sometimes goes in 1,000 different directions at once
With all of this said I now consider myself a mixed media artist because I a lot of my talents cross over into other projects I've already started; It's a great life and I wouldn't change anything about my crazy artistic brain!  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Quick Update

Well both of my boys are out of school now so life has gotten a little bit more hectic around here.  The day before they got out of school I finished another quilt.  I had pieced the top together about a year ago and tied it but didn't like the tied look so it sat folded up under my bed for a year.  I will do an entire post about it with lots of pictures later but the pictures for now are my space at Olde Towne Art in Portsmouth.  The recently finished quilt is in my space on the quilt rack in blues and greens and purples.

In three days I will leave for my Mommy Getaway!! (In the past I've called it my Art Retreat)  I have always been fascinated with the Amish and the Amish lifestyle so for about six years now I've been "getting away" to Lancaster, PA.  Sometimes I stay at B&B's and other times I stay in hotels.  I look forward to this trip every year.  You can read about one of my past trips here:  http://kimagination1.blogspot.com/2009/12/my-art-retreat.html

I will be taking some of my hand sewing projects but I have created a jam packed list of things to do during the day so I may be to pooped at night to even think about sewing, we'll see. 
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