Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"Fixing Her Hair"

While on Pinterest I came across this absolutely beautiful watercolor of a ballerina.  I think what caught my eye was that it wasn't a normal ballerina pose.  The artist, Inslee Haynes, named it Tutu, Aerial View and I just fell in love!  This became my inspiration piece for my first art quilt. Please visit her blog The Sketch Book so you may learn more about this talented artist.

So the first thing I needed to do was to graph the image and enlarge it.

Next I traced the pattern and cut out the pieces:
From there I found fabric for the skirt and fused it onto a piece of light green flannel.  I thought about changing the colors to pinks but then decided that greens and blues (the original colors the artist used) were more interesting.
I then stitched green-with-gold-sparkle tulle into the center to make it look more like a tutu:
From there I decided that it now needed more blue so I cut strips of shimmery blue tulle and added them around the skirt:
It still needed more "bling" so I hand stitched blue and green beads onto the blue strips:
Her body was felt applique and her hair was "doll hair" found at my local craft store:
I picked my fabrics for my boarders:
And then quilted everything except her body and her tutu:
Fixing Her Hair is now hanging (and is for sale) at Olde Towne Art in Portsmouth, VA 
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