Sunday, January 12, 2014

Note Cards and Post Cards

I love photography, I always have.  Around 2007 I had this crazy idea to somehow turn my photographs into note cards.  I researched prices for paper, printing, envelopes, sizes... the list goes on!  By 2008 I had started selling my note cards at my local farmer's market in Urbanna, Va.  Time went by and I quickly got distracted by my other artistic endeavors.  I tried to quit doing note cards, not because of cost but because of time, but I have 3 loyal customers (my dad, mother-in-law, and cousin).  I have found a new outlet for my note cards!  Mind you I don't make nearly as much as I would if I did it myself but I don't have to do the grunt work plus I can reach a larger audience.

I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Zazzle and that's where you can now find me! The name you can find me under is Kimagination13 or you can just click here  

I keep adding to my store every day but it takes Zazzle up to 24 hours to post.

If the link doesn't work you can also just type in

I am sorting through literally thousands of my photographs  and I will have obvious categories like Colonial Williamsburg and Amish Life, quilts, animals, flowers and seasons.  But if any of you out there have a weird or strange request I'd love to hear it!

Here is one from my Animals collection:

I am creating note cards and postcards, some with words and some without.  Zazzle gives you the option to create larger cards, etc. with my design too.

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