Thursday, March 21, 2013

Sneek Peek of my "whimsical" dragon

When I decided to do another "art doll" I started to look around my house for inspiration.  My boys were watching Mike the Knight cartoon and I thought, I'd love to do a dragon and then maybe have a little girl sitting or riding on it like they were friends.  So I started sketching (something I rarely do).

In my stash I had the perfect orange and gold fabric for the dragon and then I found a dark red print for the girls dress.  He is completely stuffed and the girl has a soft body with a polymer clay face and hands (then I painted the face).  I created both patterns.

While I haven't finished the dragon yet (he still needs hands and horns) I really wanted to show you all some pictures of his progress.  There will also be a gold cord around him somehow that the little girl will be holding onto.

In the next pictures I take I'll get a shot of her hair because it's rather long and she has a jewel in her hair that matches the one on the front of her dress.  Plus a picture of her hands because she has some wicked long red nails.
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