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I started this blog on November 23, 2009 just because I wanted to chronicle my artistic endeavors and see "in black and white" how many different directions my artistic brain would go.  I challenged myself to try different mediums and that this blog could be a platform to post my achievements and failures.  I cannot believe it's been six years now!  Over the past 6 years I've learned a few things from writing this blog:
1.  Art is in my blood, I will always be thinking or doing something artistic
2.  About 80% of my work turns out better than the original idea
3.  I am not a fast artist, I have to start on an idea and then let it sit for a while
4.  It's OK that my "artsy" brain sometimes goes in 1,000 different directions at once
With all of this said I now consider myself a mixed media artist because I a lot of my talents cross over into other projects I've already started; It's a great life and I wouldn't change anything about my crazy artistic brain!  

Sunday, June 22, 2014

I'm counting down!

When I was a little girl we would travel to Lancaster, PA to visit Amish Country.  I didn't really get it, or get them.  Why didn't they use electricity?  Why did they all dress the same?  And now over the past eight years I've been taking a much needed "mommy getaway" to Amish Country.

I started writing an Amish blog called Amish and English but haven't updated it in a while (a year to be exact) because there is just so much information out there and not enough time to write about it.

Here are a few photos I've taken during other trips:
At the quilt auction

At the horse auction

This is one way to keep cool (see the irony? They don't use automobiles)

A mom and her kids


A mom and her little baby boy

Innocent eyes

I know most people would be excited to vacation on an island in the water or in the mountains hiking or camping but me? I prefer Amish Country. 
So the countdown is on!! I leave in four days, YIPPEE!!

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