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I started this blog on November 23, 2009 just because I wanted to chronicle my artistic endeavors and see "in black and white" how many different directions my artistic brain would go.  I challenged myself to try different mediums and that this blog could be a platform to post my achievements and failures.  I cannot believe it's been six years now!  Over the past 6 years I've learned a few things from writing this blog:
1.  Art is in my blood, I will always be thinking or doing something artistic
2.  About 80% of my work turns out better than the original idea
3.  I am not a fast artist, I have to start on an idea and then let it sit for a while
4.  It's OK that my "artsy" brain sometimes goes in 1,000 different directions at once
With all of this said I now consider myself a mixed media artist because I a lot of my talents cross over into other projects I've already started; It's a great life and I wouldn't change anything about my crazy artistic brain!  

Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Tis the season...

... for colds! We have all been under the weather and I think my 14 month old and I got the brunt of it. We are both now on antibiotics treating an ear infection (Jacob) and a sinus infection (me). But through it all I have still been water coloring. I truly think art is a form of therapy.

I deviated from my flowers a few weeks ago and decided to paint a fairy mainly because I found a book on my bookshelf called How To Draw 101 Fairies by Barry Green. It's sort of a juvenile book in that anyone could draw these simple cartoon-like fairies. I love how my little fairy girl turned out but I haven't come up with a name for her yet.

I'll spare you the trouble of pointing out what is wrong with my painting by telling you that the inside part of the wings are going the wrong way.
In keeping with my New Year's resolution to send birthday cards to everyone I decided to try my hand at painting a colt on a birthday card for my mother-in-law. I took this picture a few years ago while visiting her and we both fell in love with this little guy because of it's piercing blue eyes. Again deviating from flowers and fairies.

This was a little 4" X 6" painting but I wanted to paint bigger. My mom bought me this wonderful 12" X 16" watercolor paper for Christmas so I took that out again and drew sunflowers all over it. (My fairy above measures 12" X 16" also).

While I was working on my sunflowers I had another friend's birthday roll around so I decided to paint her a sunflower birthday card, again measuring 4" X 6".

So I'm back to painting flowers because that's what I really like to paint but right now I'm having a little bit of a "writer's block" if you will. I want to paint but I'm not sure what I want to paint. So I'll go play with my boys and hope that insipration hits me again soon.
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