Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looks can be deceiving

I don't like to cook.  My husband is the chef in this house and he makes dinner every night.  But I like to bake... cookies, cakes, pies, you name it.  So when I came across this book called Two-Bite Cupcakes by Viola Goren I had to have it.  Just the photos on the front let you know that there is more to cupcakes than cake and icing:
And then when you flip through the book it definitely expands your mind to think outside the box, or cupcake liner as it were.  For example on page 104 there are "Sun-dried Tomato & Basil Cupcakes".  This will definitely be a finger food I'll be making this holiday season:

For breakfast you could serve up Sticky Bun Cupcakes (found on page 55):

There are, of course, more "sweet" cupcakes such as Snickers Cupcakes and Chocolate Porcupine Cupcakes.  But I believe my absolute favorite is going to be the Orange & Chocolate Cupcakes.  Wow how yummy is that? 

This is one of my secrets (and I'm glad to see that someone shares my taste buds): I LOVE orange and chocolate together.  And when I'm really craving these two flavors I've been known to buy orange sherbet and put Hershey's chocolate syrup all over it.

Today my little mini cupcake pans were just staring at me waiting for me to  bake something in them.  So for starters I bought a fudge brownie mix from the grocery store and made little brownie bites:
Wow don't they look delicious?!

Looks can be deceiving... they were as hard as ROCKS!!!  Or as my mom and I would say "They were as hard as HOCKEY PUCKS!"  But have no fear I made another batch that turned out yummy and chewy and chocolaty and delicious.

I will be adding a new segment to my blog posts and that will be baking because I do believe baking is a form of creativity.

Update on my knitting projects:
1.  I now have about 400 of the 725 beads strung onto my skein of yarn I will be making a beaded scarf out of.
2.  I started knitting my very first pair of socks!!  I have cast them onto my double pointed needles and have done about two rounds so far.  I am super excited but Ive never worked with needles this small, I'm used to working with size 11 (US) and my socks are on size 4 (US) needles.

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