Sunday, January 1, 2012

For the New Year I bring you a late Christmas poem

I consider myself a very organized person.  We moved here only six months ago and we already have all of our boxes unpacked and everything in their place, so I thought. 

When I found this Christmas poem last week that I wanted to share with you I knew I had the perfect picture to go with it.  Here lies the problem.  I couldn't find my photo albums to scan the picture into my computer (the picture is from 1992, before digital).  So I began looking around the house for my photo albums. 

Now mind you, one of my hobbies is photography and before digital cameras I would print most of my pictures and put them in photo albums.  I knew I was looking for at least seven albums so they won't be hard to overlook. Hmmm.  The only boxes we hadn't gotten to were the ones in the attic, but these consisted of "attic stuff".  I thought maybe the movers put my photo albums in the attic so I went up there.  I sorted, organized and relocated every single box up there and NO PHOTO ALBUMS! (This is a lot of work for one blogpost). 

I gave up and forgot about it.  One of the things on my "to do" list is to scan in some old negatives I have (remember 35mm film?) so my brother and I could get a good laugh at ourselves as youngsters.  This afternoon while I was looking at my negatives I found the picture! So now I may share with you the poem The Christmas Cat by Marcia K. Leaser

On padded feet the little cat
came silently creeping by.
Dad swears he never saw him--
neither did Sis, my mom, nor I.
But nonetheless, the whiskered pest
sneaked past four sets of eyes.

When next viewed, our furry friend
was grinning and purring with glee.
I looked at Dad, my sis, and Mom,
and they three looked at me.
Then we all laughed,
    for the sly little cat
was atop the Christmas tree.

He wasn't actually "atop" the Christmas tree but he was mischievous like that!

Rest in Peace my beloved Riprap, AKA "Rippy"
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