Monday, January 23, 2012

A new (and addicting) website

Think Flickr meets Facebook and you get Pinterest.  I've gone to this website before but I didn't really understand the concept... now I do.  You create folders for yourself and then browse pictures that millions of people have posted and "pin" them into your folders to either refer back to and/or share with your friends.  You can also upload pictures so others can repin yours.  Pinterest makes it so easy because they let you know who your facebook friends are that are also using Pinterest.  It's free but you have to register.  When I did this I was put on a waiting list so I called one of my friends to ask her if this was common.  She said yes and that she would send me an "invite" to see if this sped things up and it did. 

You can check out my account here:
I am of course KimberlyJDC
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