Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Updates, updates

This past week I could not wait to get started on my new endeavor: Chain Mail Jewelry!  After my last post I decided to go in a totally different direction and make a ring instead of earrings or a bracelet.  I used Rebeca Mojica's book Chained and made the Japanese Diamond Ring found on page 60.  It was rated as a mid-length project (it did take a few hours to complete) and rated as expert.  (There's nothing like aiming high on the first project!)It does state though that the reason for the expert rating is because one makes it out of stainless steel and titanium which are two of the strongest metals and working with them is tough.  Given this information I made mine out of a softer metal so I wouldn't get discouraged but knowing that it won't be as durable as if I had used a stronger metal.  I am absolutely thrilled with the results!
For this ring I used gold and pink jump rings for the center design and blue and green jump rings for the outside design.  The possibilities are endless when working with colored jump rings.  I believe my next project will be a helm chain bracelet in silver and black but don't hold me to it.

My second update is my Mardi Gras masks.  I have feathers flying all over the place here!  I have a total of 10 in the works, two are full face masks and the other eight are half masks.  I wanted to post a picture of my white and cream colored one because it is the first one finished and it's my favorite.  My goal is to finish all 10 by tomorrow and take them to my art gallery on Thursday so I can focus on my next endeavor: altered books and art journalling.  I've tried this in the past with not a lot of luck but I keep getting drawn back to it so we'll see.

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