Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Acorn Barbie

My newest artistic endeavor?  Altered dolls!  I find played with and loved dolls (Barbie and the like) and give them a whole new look.  If you'd like to donate to the cause that would be great.  You won't be finding these in your local toy store any time soon.
Notice the heads in the front of the picture.  During the creative process it gets a little ugly with headless Barbies being spray painted and hung up to dry in the garage but in the end all legs and arms find their way back to their rightful owner.  Well at least for now.

I got so excited about jumping into this that I forgot to take a "before" picture of my first one.  This was the stage that I remembered to take the picture:
Anyway, from now on I will document them from beginning to end.  This was my first altered Barbie and I aptly named her Acorn Barbie:

I love her and she's mine all mine!


Anonymous said...

she turned out so great!

Anonymous said...

i was never a Barbie fan, but i LOVE these!