Sunday, October 7, 2012

AIR Barbie

You all have heard me talk about Swap-bot on here.  When I'm finding groups to join I usually look at the persons profile with whom I've swapped with before and see what groups they're in.  If we have the same interests chances are I will join the groups that they are in.

A few weeks ago I found a group called Altered Barbies.  FUN!!  In this group the coordinator has set up swaps to alter Barbie to represent the elements like fire, wind and the current one is Air.  How would you design a Barbie to represent air?

The first thing I thought was that trees and flowers need air to live.  So I found a Barbie:
And because this Barbie was a ballerina with jointed limbs I had to figure out how to stabilize them.  The closest thing I had was masking tape so I taped her up.  At this point I thought I may put a skirt on her and you won't see the tape but my ideas come as I'm creating, I'm not one to sit down and sketch something first:
Then I base coated her with primer:

Now I have a blank canvas to work with.  I popped her head back on then painted the sky on her entire body.  I added a tree going up one leg and flowers "growing" up the other leg.  I didn't want the tree to be the main focus plus I hadn't done anything with her hair yet.
I wanted the hair to be the main focus because, after all, I'm trying to represent "air".  So I took down her ponytail and decided paint would be good:

(this picture is a little light)
This was my sky without clouds AND this is my sky with clouds:
I still didn't like the tree so I found three different shades of green fabric and cut leaves to put on my tree and I also put rhinestones in the flowers

Front of her legs:

Back of her legs and torso:

I will probably add more pictures in the next few days.  It has been raining here all day so I couldn't go outside and take pictures of her.  I hope my swap partner likes it!
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