Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello Blog world!

Well I said I would never do a blog and here I am. I wanted to do this to mainly talk about arts and crafts with a little bit of my family life mixed in.

My husband got me an ipod for Christmas last year and it has changed my life. Let me explain. I had just had my second child in November (2008) and to get back into shape I thought music on an ipod would inspire me. It did... but then... I was introduced to the world of podcasts...WOW!! This is all I listen to now. There are some FANTASTIC crafty podcasts out there! I will definitely be putting links on my blog to the people I listen to and reviewing some of their work. My favorite one is Craftypod with Sister Diane. I have listened and relistened to ALL of her podcasts. She is amazing and truely inspiring.

A little bit of background on me. My mom is an artist so I grew up around art but I thought every one's mom did this. I didn't realize how talented my mom was until I went off to college and people were asking me where I got my cat footstool or my blue quilt... well my mom made them of course! I majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology, I wasn't into the whole "art thing" yet. I dabbled in it here and there but nothing too serious. I've always been an avid photographer. I found that even though I admired my mom's work I tended to do things that she didn't do, like photography. I am now passionate about all kinds of art. I love seeing what other people are crafting and I love to be inspired by something then try to put my spin on it.

Things I am interested in are: quilting, knitting, jewelry making, photography, painting, print making, soldering and I'm sure I'll think of more things after I post this.

So here I am world!

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