Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Warning: Journal entry about two Christmas gifts

It has been raining for four days straight here in VA and I really don't mind the rain at all but I had to take my one year old out in it today. But it's for a good cause. I have in my head that I want to make my niece Lainey, who's 3 1/2, and my nephew Jack, who's almost 5, both quilts for Christmas. Ambitious I know. I didn't want to use panels because somehow that doesn't seem like a proper quilt but I found the perfect panels for both children. So today I took Jacob out in the cold rain to get boarders, backs, batting and binding for these 2 panels. Lainey's is Care Bears and Jack's is Batman so I wanted to find another Care Bear or Batman fabric for the back. I have checked two big box craft stores and the third one I went to today was a last resort mainly because I'm running out of time. Here it is the night before Thanksgiving and because they live in WI I'll have to get their packages in the mail in about two weeks, YIKES! I found two fabrics that I guess will work but I'm not too happy about them. See my brother told me that Lainey is now getting into the Disney Princesses so I was actually going to do one side Care Bears and the other side the princesses... no luck. And can you believe this huge box store didn't have ANY Batman fabric?! So for right now it's going to be navy blue.

Now I'm going to go finish painting the two trays for two members of the church, one of which is retiring and the other will be moving out of state soon.

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